I own some gyms. I do the dishes. I write things on this site sometimes.


My Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Mine was simple: developing healthy habits is hard.

I found myself lost in a complex web of conflicting view-points, edgy pundits and “scientific” breakthroughs. My stomach turned every time we saw another post titled “The 7 Best Foods for 6 Pack Abs!!!”  Can you think of anyone who’d really benefit from knowing that "spinach is a magical superfood"?!

I wanted to make the process of getting fit easier and more fun, so I started Flipside Performance in 2013 out of a park in Hoboken NJ with a used set of Wal-Mart kettlebells.

By the end 2014 Flipside had one location in Hoboken, NJ and one location in New York City. We were also our payment processor’s 11th largest gym customer out of over 3,400 gyms worldwide when measured by revenue. 

Flipside now has five gyms and is one of the largest brick and mortar boutique gym companies in the world. 

Since the beginning Flipside has always been a mission and value-focused company. We are deeply passionate about delivering life-changing coaching. We believe that getting healthy should be simple and fun. It should leave you happy and looking good with willpower to spare. 

There is nothing complicated about what we do: good people giving good advice leads to a good outcome. 

In 2018, I created Super Ad Bros.  We help gym owners earn more with our proven, step-by-step sales and marketing system. 200+ success stories and counting.  Interested in doubling your profit without doubling your workload?  Click here for a free case study.


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